Mike Rogers, we challenge you to debate a 14-year-old.

Mike Rogers (R-MI) has famously said CISPA opponents are 14-year-old "tweeters" in their basements. Though untrue, we're confident that even a 14-year-old in a basement could demolish Rogers' weak arguments for CISPA. Yes, Mike, this is a challenge.

Are you 14? Want to trounce a Congressman?

Sign up for a chance to trounce Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) in a debate on security and privacy... from your basement! We'll send you an email with instructions on how to apply. Be prepared to send videos of you explaining CISPA, pictures of your basement, etc.

What's this about? A gaffe.

Mike Rogers is the sponsor of CISPA, a bill that would let any website share your personal information with the US government. CISPA's massive privacy problems would have been easy to fix, but Rogers was in denial, characterizing his opposition as "14-year-old tweeter(s) in the basement". Watch the video, and learn more about CISPA. Then help us find a 14-year-old master of debate to school Mike Rogers on cybersecurity.

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